BackJack Chairs

Over the years, the chairs have been recognized by many medical groups for its benefits in position and back relief/support applications. Our customers range from instructors in childbirth classes to management seminar sessions. All age groups enjoy the BackJack, including children with video games and seniors in meditation or yoga. The BackJack chair is available in a variety of sizes, models and colors to meet the needs of its diverse applications. 

Mother and daughter sitting in BackJack Chairs playing checkers

Woman doing yoga in BackJack Chair

BackJack Chair Fabric & Color Options

BackJack Chair Sizes & Models

The BackJack chair comes in 2 sizes – regular and extra-large. The size difference is noticeable in the cushion and back rest, providing increased support for large adults. A folding model of the BackJack chair is also available in the regular size. The folding unit contains a patented design with a spring allowing the chair to be folded in half for increased storability and portability – you can take this comfortable chair with you on the go! 

Red folding BackJack Chair

Back of a red folding BackJack Chair

Our minimum order quantity is 15 units, but we can provide drop-ship services at a small fee for our sales representatives and distributors.


BackJack Assembly InstructionsBackJack Folding Instructions